Travel Information


All Children 5 and under ride free.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Either on website, Facebook or at the Flyaway location

Can I buy a FlyAway ticket at DIA?

Not at this time, TBD

Does FlyAway accept cash?

Yes, but prefer cc or online

Do I need to print out a copy of my ticket to board the bus?

Yes, Show proof of ticket confirmation by phone or paper ticket

Are tickets good for any time?

FlyAway tickets are good for 1 month from the date of purchase

Can someone else other than the person whose name is on the ticket use the ticket?


I inadvertently bought two FlyAway tickets, but I only need one, may I get a refund?

Yes, we will refund back to the purchasing cc.

Can I use the one-way ticket I purchased for any direction (e.g., from DIA to COS as well as from COS to DIA)?


I was charged multiple times for one trip. Can I be refunded?


If I am a Flight Attendant, Pilots or Crew, can I ride for free?

Showing ID badges, will receive a free round trip ticket per month


What are the FlyAway Bus Schedules?

All schedules start at 5:00am until 2:00am depending on flights

Do you operate special holiday schedules?


Can you reserve a seat on the bus for a specific date and time?

Yes, reservations are on website


Where does the FlyAway service?

COS to DIA / COS to DIA / Monument, Castle Rock

Where do I go to catch the FlyAway Bus at DIA and COS?

All locations will be clearly identified outside the terminal

When should I arrive before my bus?


Are FlyAway buses wheelchair accessible?


Are animals allowed (e.g. dogs, birds) on the bus?

Yes, small kennels and on leash

What are the FlyAway Baggage Guidelines?

We allow two full size (not to exceed 50lbs each) suitcases and one personal item per person.

Do the FlyAway buses have bathrooms?



Do you have lost and found?

Yes, inside each bus and in the Stinson FlyAway bus hanger


Whom do I contact regarding injury and/or accident caused by the FlyAway bus?

Any person employed by Stinson FlyAway.