Baggage Policy

Passenger name identification must be placed on the outside of all baggage. The owner’s name and complete permanent address should be contained inside each piece of luggage. Stinson FlyAway assumes no liability for articles that are carried on board, or for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal articles. Limitations: Size – No single piece of luggage will be accepted if its combined length, width and height exceeds 62 inches. Small items, such as cosmetics bags, camera bags, briefcases, etc., should be carried aboard the van with you. Weight – No single piece of luggage or property weighing in excess of fifty (50) pounds will be accepted for transportation. Baggage Allowance – A maximum of three (3) stowed bags and/or other type of containers, meeting weight and size limitations specified above, and one carry-on item per ticketed passenger will be allowed. Containers Included in Baggage Allowance: Sports Items – Items such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, snow or water skis, surfboards or bicycles will be accepted in fully enclosed containers no more than 92 inches in length.


Wheelchairs must meet general weight limit and fit in the baggage compartment with the user’s understanding that it might not be carried in an upright position.

Guns Or Firearms (Unloaded)

Unloaded guns or firearms will be accepted only when enclosed in wood, leather or other substantially rigid cases.


Trained service animals are allowed to accompany qualified customers with disabilities on the bus. A service animal should sit in the floor space in front of the customer’s seat. To comply with safety regulations, the animal cannot protrude in the aisle of the van. Non-service animals are required to be in a suitable carrier.


Please arrive at all pick up locations 5-10 minutes early.

Child Car Seats are not provided in the vehicles. If your child requires a car seat, please bring one for the trip or call us ahead and ask us to provide one at no additional fee.

Cancellations and No Show Policy

If your flight is delayed causing you to miss your scheduled ride you will have the opportunity to catch the next ride with no penalty, but if you decline to do so you will be charged the 50% fare. If you miss the last ride due to flight delay call with the flight information and there will be no penalty for a late cancel.

If you are not able to use your reservation, then please call us at least 24 hours before your pick-up time for a full refund, a 50% penalty will be charged against your refund if you call within the 24 hours up to an hour prior to departure time. If you cancel within an hour of your pick up time then there will be a FULL charge.

By not calling, you will be considered a No Show. Being a No Show means that you will forfeit your ticket. There are No refunds and No travel credit will be applied to your trip.

Private transportation reservations canceled less than 24 hours are non-refundable.

Your first and last name will be your confirmation.

Legal Disclosure

Stinson FlyAway is not affiliated in any way with hotels and locations we service. The locations are not liable for Stinson FlyAway customers waiting or being dropped off. Stinson FlyAway customers will need to get permission from any hotel to park their vehicle, and if the hotel refuses to let the customer park, then the customers car may be towed at the vehicle owners expense.